UK - CYPRUS - SINGAPORE Delivering Middle Distillates Worldwide United Jet Fuel, is a Cyprus headquartered company operating in the UK, Cyprus and Singapore. They undertake to supply jet fuel and other distillates to end users and title holder clients. We pride ourselves in our own abilities to pre-screen counter-parties with our own Due Diligence process called DEAL SHIELD. This is a key component in the valued offering that UNITED Jet Fuel bring into what can be a very deceptive marketplace. Our commitment is to make transactions as simple and straightforward as possible. ABOUT US LEARN MORE Middle Distillate Procurement
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OUR CORE STRENGTHS LEARN MORE Our aim is to transact good solid and dependable business with a trusted set of companies and organisations. We believe that it is important to be transparent and operate with integrity. We always reserve the right to decline doing business with companies that we do not feel share the same values as we do or that are difficult to transact with. A frictionless transaction is the goal of every transaction, according to all of us in the UNITED Jet Fuel team.
In a constantly changing oil and gas landscape, characterised and often plagued by supply and demand imbalances, mercurial price swings and relentless market competition, United Jet Fuel seeks to offer our clients, a reliable service, providing market intelligence, due diligence and operational consulting. The global COVID19 pandemic has clearly impacted oil prices, economies and ultimately, demand. The market eventually evens out and creates a new pricing structure within the free market. However, this time it does feel different and we for one, are gearing up for and creating change to be able to adapt and cope with where-ever the market leads us. Even beyond this and despite various technological advancements made in alternative energy sources, oil and gas remains the most important source of energy powering our world. CONTACT US CONTACT US CONTACT
UK Office: +44 (0) 1292 848 022