About Us

Since the company’s inception, UNITED Jet Fuel has become a recognised European fuel trading company. Currently, the group has offices and or projects in Singapore, Cyprus, UK, USA, and New Zealand providing customers with a full range of refined products and fuel related services.

Growing Market Share

UNITED Jet Fuel continues to build strong relationships with major refineries in Europe. The UJF Group have been cleared to trade with some of the world’s largest and most respected trade houses and our focus continues to be the execution of more trades year on year, increasing our market share. Our highly skilled trading team can provide every client with robust fuel sourcing options and comprehensive due diligence through our recognised Deal Shield compliance service. All our solutions and services are customer focused and we endeavour to operate transparently and with the highest level of business integrity. All our trades are underpinned by our values and ethics and this culture has been adopted by the other subsidiaries of the UNITED Jet Fuel Group.


“UNITED Jet Fuel subscribe to the McKinsey Global Energy Demand Model which is a bottom up model projecting the evolution of energy systems over 145 countries, 28 sectors and 55 types of fuel to the year 2050.”

– McKinsey Global Energy Demand Model, 2020

The Management Team of UNITED Jet Fuel Group have considerable experience beyond the supply of aviation fuel. Their combined experience in aerospace consultancy, aviation business turnaround and business acquisition have proven to be immensely useful skills that have aided them in navigating a very closed sector and with a small band of credible players. Their dedication and utter determination to be viewed as a credible contributor in the space, has earned them a reputation of being direct and professional in their approach to fuel trading.

The UNITED Jet Fuel board understands the challenges faced in getting a foothold in an already mature market, but have found a way in doing so through forging links with Endeavour Capital, the Private Equity vehicle of New Zealand’s Sir Neville Jordan, a recognised entrepreneur who successfully listed his technology company on the NASDAQ main board in the late 90’s. This coupled with creating a joint venture between the two companies named Endeavour Energy Partners has put them on the map and EEP has already onboarded with many of the worlds most established oil trading houses, end users and refinery suppliers.