About Us

United Jet Fuel was co-founded by Principals, Gordon Cowan and Benjamin Holden, long-term friends and colleagues. They both recently held C Level roles as Chief Operating Officer and Global Sales Director respectively within a UK based global Aviation Group.


United Jet Fuel, is a Cyprus headquartered company operating in the UK, Cyprus and Singapore. They undertake jet fuel contracts for Tier 2 end users and title holder clients. This new entrant into the marketplace is very focused on providing pre-screened aviation buyers and are very stringent on who they co-operate with in terms of refineries/sellers of jet fuel products. This is a key component in the valued offering that UNITED Jet Fuel bring into what is a very untrusting and fragmented secondary marketplace.


“It is predicted by the aviation industry that aviation traffic will keep on increasing. Traffic is predicted to grow by 5% per year to 2026, fuel demand by about 3% per year”.

– Airbus Global Market Forecast

Their combined experience in aerospace consultancy, business turnaround and business acquisition have proven to be very useful skills, as they have quickly established this dedicated jet fuel supply consultancy. They also benefit from their network of financial aviation and aerospace investment contacts which spans across the globe.

The board of Directors of UNITED Jet Fuel recognised a significant market growth opportunity in trading jet fuel within the aviation sector and have put significant resource and manpower into further developing their network, as the global demand for new aircraft continues to increase.

The Principals of UJF believe that as single product specialists, they are expertly positioned and connected within the aviation sector to deliver prequalified jet fuel buyers to the marketplace. With an ongoing and consistent increase in requirement for jet fuel, UNITED Jet Fuel have immersed themselves in the technicalities, processes and procedures that make up a jet fuel delivery from the refinery to the aviation customer. With a deep understanding of the logistical aspects of this business, UJF are building a reputation for their expertise.