Deal Shield

The focus of DEAL SHIELD is to assist oil companies and physical fuel traders to identify misrepresentation and fraud in the marketplace. The service minimises their regulatory and reputational risk of non-performance and financial losses.

We provide an essential screening platform to safeguard our clients’ interests and offer protection from the risk of assisting in money laundering, the moving of sanctioned product and the funding of terrorism.  Our clients recognise the direct value that DEAL SHIELD due diligence service delivers as a crucial part of how they safely monitor suppliers/buyers and individuals they are doing business with.  Clients would always prefer to understand who their sellers/buyers really are and be informed of any connection to Politically Exposed Persons, relationships and networks.  With the ability to interrogate official documentation and 3rd party analysis reports, including the screening of millions of records, DEAL SHIELD is able to keep clients safe, both financially and reputationally, in a marketplace that can be fraught with danger and uncertainty.

Why It Makes Business Sense to Subscribe to DEAL SHIELD

Expert Information

We have world class software and strategic partners who are trusted by more than 6,500 institutions worldwide in over 200 countries. Our intelligence sources are utilised by ALL of the world’s Top 50 Banks. Our end to end solution is a one stop shop. We help manage our clients reputational and financial risk.

Hire the Best

DEAL SHIELD provides peace of mind and delivers confidence, ensuring you invest the appropriate resources in the best trades and with the right people.

Next Steps

Contact the DEAL SHIELD team at our UK office on +44 1292 848 022 to have a confidential telephone consultation or email with an overview of your company and detail of your requirements.

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