Endeavour Energy Partners

Endeavour Energy Partners are one of the new generation of global company within the oil and gas sector – operating worldwide and trading oil and gas products as both a buyer and a re-seller. EEP’s strategy involves exploring how to restructure the way this sector operates improving efficiencies and productivity.

EEP are dedicated to supporting Biorefineries and developing the green chemistry that will underpin a future green economy.  EEP are also highly committed to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) (2017) along with many of the leading oil and gas companies on the Climate A List.  We welcome the opportunity to work with counterparties who are moving towards the decarbonisation of the energy system.  Endeavour Energy Partners Limited is an SPV company, pooling the resources of the following two international companies; Endeavour Capital of New Zealand and UNITED Jet Fuel of Cyprus.

Trading Process:

Endeavour Energy Partners operate their business using a very simple approach: All Supplier and Exit Counter-parties will be asked to submit initial KYC documentation, which will be checked by our in-house compliance team and passed to our banking partner for final approval. Exit Buyers may be asked to show financial capability and suppliers may be asked to show proof of ability to supply.  This will be on a transaction by transaction basis and will be dependent on our compliance teams’ findings once due diligence has been completed.  All trades will be structured using Documentary Letters of Credit issued from a top-rated bank – our counterparties will be expected to reciprocate.

Products and Markets:

Endeavour Energy Partners has ongoing trade requirement for middle distillates in Europe, LNG for Asia and USGC Crude Oil delivered to the Mediterranean.

Historical Timeline


Simply, Endeavour Energy Partners are a progressive physical fuel trading company.

We are working purposefully to build a future where no matter who or where you are on the planet, everyone can have access to energy resources.  Our aim is to do that as efficiently and sustainably as possible with our partners.  We love technology and innovation and we are passionate about delivering a unique proposition, by reinvesting some of our profits into next generation green initiatives and young companies.  We believe that strong, positive and dynamic leadership creates a strong, positive and dynamic culture and the strength, skills and quality of our people is recognised and diversity is celebrated across all aspects of our business.  We embrace and value strategic partnerships within the industry with organisations that also hold and demonstrate our values within the landscapes and people that we encounter every day.  EEP has the reputation of only trading with counterparties that align with our ethics and values.

Contact Information:

Trade enquiries should be directed to: +44 1292 848 022