Service & Delivery

United Jet Fuel Group has an energetic, driven and results focussed approach. Our objective is to generate long term value for our clients by putting their business interest above our own. This client led approach has earned United Jet Fuel a coveted reputation of being a reliable and experienced counter party, deserving of your trust.

Fuel Advisory

The United Jet Fuel approach to all of our client projects is to add value and to manage risk. The advisory services team is a hand-picked pool of seasoned industry professionals, who are leaders in their field of expertise. From fuel traders who have built billion-dollar books to fund managers with world renowned track record, our team have worked in many different countries across the globe and have been recognised and trusted by many corporations who are committed to scaling their business.

Our advisory team is expanding as we continue to execute our own growth strategy. This includes our moving into new territories with a different set of problems to solve. No matter where your challenge lies, our team is ready, willing and capable of delivering the right solution.

Onboarding Trade Counterparties

UNITED Jet Fuel’s trading counterparty on-boarding process is engineered to co-ordinate the various work streams required to clear a new entity and ensure its compliance with KYC and all other regulatory requirements. Once a clients’ legal name, shareholders and directors have been validated, the company is then cross-referenced through World-Check risk intelligence, global sanction lists, regulatory & law enforcement agencies and adverse media archives. It is crucial that we have a full picture of the companies we trade with and that all regulatory bases are covered. The UNITED Jet Fuel compliance team are constantly updating our regulatory demands for KYC, AML, Counter Financing of Terrorism act 2009 and Politically Exposed Person (bribery & corruption) checks.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Taking Due Diligence to the next level. In 2019 the United Jet Fuel management team made the strategic commercial decision to offer our internal due diligence and compliance checks as a subscription service to the wider market. Our Deal Shield proposition is a world beating service which protects clients from financial loss and much more importantly eliminates the risk of reputational damage.

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